After a bloggers forum with 2015 Australian of the Year, Rosie Batty.

I began this rollercoaster I call a career over 20 years ago in children’s TV. Since then I have worked with Ad agency Young & Rubicam and Channel 9 Adelaide before establishing myself in the UK working with Sky TV and Channel 4. In 2003 I directed my first half hour news documentary Learning to Surf in Bali about the first Bali bombing.

In 2004 I returned to Australia to work as an Interviewer on the world’s largest film archive The Australians At War Film Archive. Since then I have worked as a drama, documentary, games and online Producer. My company is Pop Pictures and that is where most of that work is done. (You can also check out my last documentary Sons & Mothers.)

In 2008, feeling like  I was getting no where, very fast, I went back to University to complete postgraduate studies in journalism. Graduating with distinctions and the Channel 9 News Award for TV Journalism, I now works as a freelance Journalist and you can see all that stuff Freelance Work section of this website.

Here on my blog Lady Stringer you will see I like to throw opinions around about what goes on in the world. But you can also catch extended interviews with people I have talked to, alternative news stories I have found and podcasts I’ve made.

You can follow me on twitter on @loupascale or check me out on LinkedIn.