Rose Coloured Glasses

Last week I posted a piece featuring ABC Journalist Emma Alberici’s views on leadership. In it she proudly lists some key roles women play in the ABC. They are in positions that make an impact on how news is reported, presented and even staffed.

Then a feminist friend who I greatly respect sent me this image.

891 ABC Adelaide Facebook Banner

Suddenly I had a moment and then I felt ashamed of myself.  When Emma spoke so enthusiastically about the strides the ABC had made I could see they were important.

But that was from Sydney.

Sure here in Adelaide we have a female fronting our 7pm news, on weekdays and weekends. However our local radio is falling far behind.

I know that there are many female producers working with this team, but does that make up for the shortfall?

At the SHE Leads conference in Adelaide, Equal Opportunity Commissioner Anne Gale reflected; ‘not only are women under represented in the media, we also don’t dominate the stories.’

The only way we can change this is by being in key positions to share those stories. Sure ABC TV is doing well but that clearly cannot be said for Radio.

So while I celebrate the great work the ABC has done, I’ve just been reminded to take off the rose coloured glasses.

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