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Discordia – ready to wake, shake and inspire

There was a recent backlash on twitter called #fakemamamia. It was a reaction to Mamamia’s aim to embrace ‘all’ women but instead it ‘wraps up feminism in a nice pink bow’ (if I may steal from one of the tweets). Notably the journalists and writers who spoke out against the tweets were those who are paid to write for the site.

One of those tweeting for #fakemamamia was a new online women’s publication called Discordia. Discordia does not ‘apologise for not living up to anyone’s expectations of what a “woman” should be’.

It is by women for women – not to say my partner doesn’t enjoy reading it, but women are the primary market.

As noted in Media Watch this year, the mummy blogger and women’s sites are growing. While they are often referred to as independent media they’re often still slaves to the PR machine.

A great example is the gathering of female writers to a morning tea with the Prime Minister. What better way to lift your profile among female voters than by having the ear of those who communicate directly to them?

Most recently there was the campaign by doctors and scientists to get anti-vaccinators vaccinating. I found it staggering to find on Monday morning so many women’s sites carrying the same story. Now that’s effective PR.

That’s why (and I’ll make my declaration now) I am so pleased to write for Discordia. It does not slave itself to any PR machine and it certainly does not have them set the agenda.

Working from the inside I can say it truly is independent as the site’s editor Rebekah Lambert has chosen carefully her female writers and she trusts us. She believes we don’t live in a bubble and what inspires us inspires our friends and colleagues. And if it inspires them then it will inspire other like-minded people – and we know they’re out there.

Discordia was officially launched last night in Sydney and I want to say hats off to Rebekah for what she has achieved. It is no mean feat to get a start up going in this saturated digital age and especially one that truly is independent.

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