Discordia Zine is an alternative women’s blog for all of us who don’t quite fit the mould of the mainstream. Here are my regular contributions.

Women are not dying, they’re being murdered

Thanks Oscar for Keeping the Status Quo

Putting the Arse in Arsenal

The Mystery of Make-Up

Sisterhood Does Not Always Mean Solidarity

Merry for Some

Night Games Makes for Interesting Night Reading

First Day is Always the Hardest

Letter to the Prime Minister for Women

The Personal is Still Political

Part of the Solution: An Interview with Debra Zimmerman

Women Making the News: An interview with Emma Alberici

What is it With Cooking Shows?

From Accidental Politician to Change Agent

Taking Back the Birthing Debate

We’re Family Friendly But….

50:50 – A Quick History Lesson on the Womens Media Unit

Before ‘That’ Speech

Big Steps Take Little Steps

A Wake Up Call To Us All

Representing Miss USA, a review of Miss Representation

Saying Nothing Says So Much

An Unreal Reality

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