Girl Shut Your Mouth!

An Adelaide Fringe Review

Girl Shut Your Mouth! leaves you thinking well after you have left the theatre. I want to think that what I saw was a parallel universe where that fear of violence we as women live is taken to an extreme. But to be honest the violence these young women experience in this play is lived out by a woman somewhere in the world.

But what I found more disturbing is the uncomfortable synergy where we as women just accept violence in our lives like it is inevitable. Just like the main characters Katie, Grace, Mia and Darcy accept that their extreme violence is just the norm.

Girl Shut Your Mouth! sent me back to reading The Natural Way of Things. With both the novel and this play you are taken to a world where you want to believe it is just fiction but deep down you know it is the truth. Except in this world violence is a badge of honour.

In Girl Shut Your Mouth! Katie, Grace, Mia and Darcy live in a world where friends die on a daily basis. However they are like most young girls and are in danger if they speak out, stand out or go out after dark. But to escape this world, they need a violent act against them to obtain the sympathy they need to become the refugees they seek.

Pitched as a dark comedy I barely chuckled. This was not because of the humour within the script but because of how much this play kept me thinking and pondering that despite the extreme world they are creating, we are not that far from it.

Girl Shut Your Mouth! is a well written and executed play. Performances were authentic, real and it served its purpose of provoking thought and discussion around violence against women. This for me was a strong feminist piece that every young women should see.