Xmas Gifts That Keep On Giving

This year Australians are expected to spend $47bn this Christmas. A lot of that will be on food and alcohol but there are also billions we will spend on gifts.

Now we all love a bit of gift giving. A little give – a little take, but at the end of Christmas Day when we’re sitting there staring at our new shiny toys and trinkets, how much of it do we really need?

Consumerism is huge at Christmas and I am not about to lecture anyone on that three days out from the big day.

So instead I’m going to ask, imagine what we could do in this world if just a couple of those billions went to a developing nation or community?

Idealistic I know to think we could spend our Christmas billions saving Nepal or even an Aboriginal community. However what is not idealistic is to think some of those presents we buy for people because – let’s be honest, we have to – could actually change someone’s life.

This Christmas, in the last minute mad rush to buy something for everyone I highly recommend considering heading to the Oxfam Shop. It is guilt free gift buying that really caters for everyone – and all price ranges.

Here are my pics below….

Recycled Aluminium Bowl.


Indian recycled Aluminium Bowl with a hammered finish.




Ukuva Africa gift set. Fire Sauce and Fire Grinder.


A hot pair ready to put the fire back in your kitchen. Ukuva iAfrica have put together this tasty duo of Mamma Mamba Fire Sauce and a Fire Spice spice grinder. Excellent staples in any kitchen, and a wonderful gift if you can bear to give one away.

Wood Stationery Box.


This stationery set from India includes a stapler, paperclip and tape and comes with a sheeshamwood case. Sheesham wood is a beautifully toned strong wood abundant in India.



Peony Design Tea-for-One Cup and Pot Set


The blue and white ceramics of Vietnam have been sought after throughout the world since the 15th century. Today, potters blend artistic skill with time honoured techniques in the famous pottery village of Bat Trang, just east of Hanoi, where there are as many kilns as houses.

Recycled Bike Chain Bowl.image013


One of Oxfam’s most popular products, this bike chain bowl was the brainchild of an inspired metal worker from Noah’s Ark Moradabad workshop who has ingeniously transformed these discarded bike chains into a cool piece of home decor.

17903418Bag of Bug Toys.


Six cute cotton bugs and leaf in their own gathering bag; all with hidden talents, such as crunches, squeaks, reflectors and rattles. Adorable and interactive. Selyn toys are made from scratch.

Jaipur Colours Spice Box.


17913344This lovely Indian apothecary or spice drawer unit has 6 ceramic drawers of assorted sizes which feature colourful hand painted Jaipur patterns. The food safe ceramic drawers are traditionally fired and sit in a sturdy mango wood frame.



Summer Breeze BBQ Hamper.


With products from the Philippines, Australia, Swaziland and South Africa this deluxe hamper is a great gift idea for the festive season.