The Velvet Pouch – a book review

Holly Hill, if you ever stumble across this book review, I’m sorry it has come two years late. I found your book lost on a list from Queensland University.

In fact, when the site’s editor found out I was reading it he asked I put it down and read “literature rather than that…”

Luckily I have a rule that says – good or bad I commit to finishing a book.

Now I’ll be honest and say there were moments I wanted to put The Velvet Pouch down with its statements that rattled my feminist cage.

Starting on the first page with an analysis of how this sexual conquest in the Sydney underground sex scene began. For Holly it all started when she felt ”‘feminism’ ought to be less about the problems with men and more about the problem with women.”

These problems according to Holly were in part denying ourselves our desires and giving in to the constraints of a monogamous relationship. All the while the feminist lens on this is not informed by theory or scholarly text but in ones sexual experiences.

When Holly Hill met Dino they agreed from day one a negotiated contract that allowed them to take on multiple sexual partners, while being in a relationship with each other.

This journThe Velvet Pouch2ey is full of light and dark moments and culminates at the Sydney Slut Walk in June 2011.

While it is fair to say Holly and I will not see eye to eye on the problems with feminism we can agree that she knows how to write erotica.

Holly has a natural ability to write sex scenes that are witty, sumptuous and real. She doesn’t hold back even questioning her partner’s acts and behaviours when they were over stepping the mark.

And that’s where, if anything, I wished Holly had dug deeper as some of their sex games and fore play were compromising in parts.

Based on actual events at sex parties and in the underground swinging sex scene of Sydney, I don’t want to give too much of The Velvet Pouch away as Holly poses the question – can you negotiate fidelity?

But what I will say is how she gets there is worth the read.