Dear Facebook – I think we should go on a break.


Dear Facebook,

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I haven’t visited for a while. It’s nothing personal; I just think we need some space.

You see I’ve been reading a lot lately about how you let violence against women go unnoticed yet when women stand up for their rights you get a bit antsy.

Although I don’t always see eye-to-eye with Clem Ford I thought your treatment of her was pretty harsh. What she did was show to the rest of the world – including you – how aggressive and violent her trolls are.

I thought you would have been pleased to see it, even support her decision to go public. But instead you shut her down. Ouch.

These trolls – later revealed to be teenage boys – were given free reign to continue harassing and abusing women if they wished. Yet the one woman who so many looks to to speak out about this behaviour was shut out of her own Facebook page.

Where’s the logic?

When you do things like that I see you differently. Sure I’ve willfully shared lots of personal information and moments with you. But it’s all about trust. I trust that if I share that with you and all my friends, you will respect me.

However when I saw what you did to Clem I felt like you had little respect for me and other women.

I know you’ve worked hard to restore trust with women after you removed images of women breast-feeding. And thank goodness for Sheryl Sandberg, her commitment to empowering women has really helped you manage that potentially sexist image.

But don’t you see, it all comes undone when you let men openly abuse women on your very platform.

I’m torn, that’s why I need to take a break.

I need time to re-think our relationship, whether I want you to be the holder of my hopes, dreams and triumphs. Or should I pull away and just keep this strictly business……

I don’t know, all I know right now is that this relationship is feeling a bit abusive.

Yours truly,