Not One More….

The first Wednesday in May is a national day of remembrance for women and children who have died due to domestic violence. It’s such an important day to remember, but it’s also one we wished we never have.


Held with candlelight vigils it is that moment we stop, reflect, shed a tear if we need to, and vow to do what we can to stop this from happening again.

It’s  also a time I like to reflect on the incredible and tireless work those in the sector do to keep women and children safe.

This year I stood with Atena Abrahimzadeh who lost her mother to domestic violence. Atena’s mother Zahra was rebuilding her life, happy and  empowered when she was murdered. Atena has bravely shared their story here for InDaily.


Zahra’s children – Atena, Arman and Anita – with the Central Domestic Violence Service have set up a Foundation in their mother’s name. The Zahra Foundation aims to help women get back on their feet.  It will help them with medical and school expenses and vocational training so they stay out of poverty. It is unique in that it looks beyond the crisis and how women can stay safe and empowered.


Zahra’s son Arman captured it beautifully when he said, the Foundation is there to pick women up and dust them off.