The Day I Met Rosie Batty

Photo by Marc Alperstein
Photo by Marc Alperstein
Photo by Marc Alperstein

It’s not every day you get a call asking if you want to meet the Australian of the Year. So when it comes, there’s really only one answer…of course!

On the back of my Daily Life article where I spent a day in domestic violence crisis servie and this tweet to Q&A I received a call from The Nappy Collective.

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The Nappy Collective is an NGO that collects unused disposable nappies and distributes them to women’s shelters for mothers in need.


Last month they brought together a group of female bloggers, writers and journalists to hear from Rosie Batty and Det Supt Rod Jouning of Victoria Police. The aim is to develop strategies where we can share information and target messages that can help stop domestic violence.

When I told a colleague on the day I was off to meet Rosie they just said, ‘wow, how can you not just cry for her?’

After meeting her and hearing her speak I can now say – I can just not cry for her.

Rosie is a strong, composed woman and when she talks you can hear a pin drop. She has articulated in a year the dilemmas of domestic violence that we as a nation have struggled with for decades.41

She is a woman you cannot help but admire. The day after Luke died she stood in front of the media and explained in detail what had happened. Clearly shell shocked, she did not mourn openly in front us but instead forced us to sit up and take notice of what is happening to women and children everyday.

Her tenacity to speak openly and candidly about her experience is what we have desperately needed. Rosie is not afraid to talk about the revenge her ex-partner used against her and other forms of abuse women are suffering. She told us to stop the victim and not to give advice to readers about domestic violence but instead lead them to help.

This was the most valuable advice Rosie could give me as a writer. Do not assume to have the answers, but to seek them out. Seek out services and experts who you can direct women to. Services that know how to develop a plan to leave, can counsel and most of all help them stay safe.

You can listen to my podcast of the forum here.

And if you or you know someone who needs help, please get them to go here.