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Working Mum In Action
Working Mum In Action

I shocked myself the other day when I looked at the archive list on my blog. Wow, December 2010 was when I published my first blog – almost 3 and half years ago.

It was called Mia Puglia and was about the South Australian government, then under Mike Rann, investing thousands of dollars in to the Italian village Puglia. The fact the family of the Premier’s wife was from there was no coincidence.

Reading it made me I cringe. Not so much because of my writing but because of what I was writing. When I started blogging I didn’t really know what I was doing. I just had one objective, to write regularly.

It took a few master classes to understand what that really meant but I got there and now writing a blog once a week is part of my work schedule.

You see as a freelance journalist I can’t rely on an Editor to publish my work consistently – yet I can.

Keeping my own blog not only guarantees I am published online once a week, it also keeps me writing.  And the only way I can improve my writing is to write, then write and then doing some more writing.

With a blog I can vent, share an opinion, ask my readers for their perspective or just use it to publish an article that no one bought.

But blogs don’t have to be just about writing opinions or thoughts. They can be how to guides, photographs, short movies, poems, creative writing or all of the above. The beautiful thing is, a blog is whatever you want it to be.

Often the biggest hurdle to blogging is starting.

This coming July I will be, on behalf of mindshare, running a blogging and social media workshop at the Adelaide City Library. Every Tuesday from July 1 to 22 at 10:30-12:30 I will teach you how to start a blog, populate it with content and advertise it through social media.

If you’re interested email me at, places are limited so get in quick!

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