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SA Votes

Just when we get over one election up pops another. South Australia will be going to the polls in a month’s time and it’s time for the media to gear up again. At least locally.

Last week I attended my first candidate event hosted by Adelaide’s YWCA. Called She Votes it was a chance for female voters to press the flesh with politicians before we give them our precious no. 1. While it was a low-key affair, during an election politicians can’t pass up any opportunity to sell their party or position on key issues. That’s certainly why I was there.

Candidates were well versed in issues facing women; workplace inequality, access to childcare, violence against women, lack of services.

And as the room lets out a collective sigh we are all left asking; what are you going to do about it?

Well sadly no real policies were presented on the night for us to take away and think about their answers. Perhaps that’s not what the politicians felt was expected of them or maybe that’s not what this event was about.

However I really struggle with talking about problems and not presenting a solution. Especially when it comes to women’s issues that have been dogging us all for far too long.

Right then, what did I learn from these candidates?

Our state opposition thinks a 1 to 6 female to male ratio in our shadow cabinet is a good thing, despite women being 51% of the population.

A part-time Death Review Panel is better than no Death Review Panel.

If you’re an African refugee, female and disabled you have the trifecta of discrimination.

Women’s services are not immune to cuts and never will be.

And the one institution where you can fight for your rights, in the courts and through the law, doesn’t respect women.

It’s 120 years since women won the vote here in SA and some things just have not changed.

So Ladies, make sure it counts this time round.

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