2013 In A Nutshell

Counting down the days and reflecting.
Counting down the days and reflecting.

Well it’s that time of the year again when news outlets across the land start compiling their reflective montages of 2013. And what a year it has been. We’ve had three Prime Ministers, watched feminism take a battering, lost many great leaders and actors, and had Mother Nature remind us once again who is really in charge.

So just like every other journalist here are my reflections on 2013. Some are universal, some personal. Whichever they are, it’s a mix of high points, and low points.

1. The Online Expansion

This year the Guardian came to town and it stayed. Launching online it started with a bang partnering with the ABC to reveal Australia’s spying on Indonesia in its first six months. This coup saw a diplomatic fall out our new government could never have imagined. The Guardian brought integrity, a strong brand and poached some of Australia’s finest journalists. It set the bar high by launching with an award winning online documentary. Here’s hoping they keep it up in 2014.


  • Too Hot to Handle

This year I learnt what happens when you play too close to the fire. You get burnt. After spending months researching and writing a story on the impact of Mad March on women’s safety in the city of Adelaide I was dumped when I got too close to the truth. Being dumped did not bother me, it was finding out a colleague visiting from interstate was assaulted by a Clipsal 500 fan the next day. The lesson I learnt – a good story does not always makes you friends.

3. Drunk on Politics

Just like any decent drinking session, things are said and done which you later regret. On reflection I am sure that is how some in the press gallery may be feeling right now. Looking for sound bites and digestible quotes they got them in spades from the Liberal National Party. And as for controversy and back stabbing, well the Labor Party dished that out. Then all the while when then Prime Minister Julia Gillard was trolled and stalked, now Prime Minister Tony Abbott went unscrutinised. How has that worked out for them? Well if the master of the Gallery Laurie Oakes is not happy you know something is definitely not right.

4. Publicity 101

When I look back on my year I see a diverse slate of work. Most notably was in October when I wore my Producer and Journalist hat at the same time and became a Publicist. Two different films but the same sell – actors. One was a group of known actors, the other a group of disabled actors. I loved them both however I learnt very quickly, no matter how talented or gifted you may be. Sex will always sell.

5. Business and Pleasure

2013 blessed me with some amazing travel. I got to go to Canada as a documentary producer and saw some great films. I was also commissioned by Fleurieu Living to go to Kangaroo Island more than once. Both of these opportunities nurtured the storyteller in me. I met new people and experienced different lives. Reminding me stories are universal and I am blessed with the gift of telling them.

Thanks to all those who have trusted me with their stories this year. Whether in print, online or film, it was a privilege and an honour.  Now it is time for a well-earned break and to prepare for an outstanding 2014.

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