Did He Really Say That?

It is no secret my preferred social media platform is twitter. It’s an ongoing dialogue you can have with all kinds of people. In fact I described it recently as going to a party full of strangers where you dip in and out of conversations.

And of course I did that this week when @Danger5TV tweeted:

“82% of our online friends are male but we like to cater to both genders at #danger5. Please tell your mum about us.” It included this picture.


My response to which was, stop objectifying women and you may get more of them watching. After some clarification a TV writer I follow, went on to tell me that ‘everything is up for grabs’ when it comes to comedy.

Does that include painting your face black and pretending you’re the Jackson Five?

To think that objectifying women in 2013 is ok is more than an antiquated idea, however what we have seen in this election campaign, I’d say it is making a come back.

Over past weeks we have watched our alternative Prime Minister state one of the best qualities of a female candidate is ‘having sex appeal’. While you would expect that to horrify the masses instead it boosted her popularity.

We then watched him in an election plea on Big Brother refer to himself as the guy with the ‘not bad looking daughters’. Those poor girls.

When we see elected leaders of our country demean women in such a way, is it any surprise that we find white, middle class men sprouting this is ok?

Well it must be, if they say so.

So to the men, who perpetuate this 1950s idea, just remember that’s the opinion you are expressing about your wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend.

And when you create television that objectifies women and portrays violence against them, remember this, physical and sexual violence affects one third of women globally.

That’s a stat we all need to take responsibility for.

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