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No two decisions are the same, but neither should be judged.
No two decisions are the same, but neither should be judged.
No two decisions are the same and neither should be judged.

The PR company behind the current debate about women over 50 having babies must be stoked. Last night both Sunday Night and 60 Minutes carried the story – however uncharacteristically we saw two types of journalism emerge.

Firstly Sunday Night created a positive spin about a new lease of life and a woman’s right to birth whatever the age. On the other end of the scale we had 60 Minutes judging these women and scrutinising their children.

Children at any age are not easy, and just by experiencing my own mother’s energy levels when it comes to her grandchildren, the older you are makes it no easier.

But would these women change their decisions? No.

So why do these shows choose to judge them – good or bad? Because that’s what they do. It is current affairs by numbers. You are either a hero or a villain. A decision that is made pretty much before the journo rocks up on your doorstep.

Of course it was good to see two sides of the story – albeit on two different channels. But there are not many fools like me who sees Sunday evening television as the time to catch up on infotainment dressed up as current affairs.

For me, last night was a treat I got to see how each Producer (each men by the way) approaches a complex issue like this. Sunday Night went for the positive spin, beginning with a catch up with the My Kitchen Rules winners, which was a stomach turner.

But what they did was attempt to start a conversation about IVF that sadly only scratched the surface. 60 Minutes on the other hand did not even go there.

Today on Women’s Agenda this piece appeared and it went in to much more detail about the pros and mostly cons of IVF in older women.

While I came away from Sunday Night’s attempt at this issue thinking that was just a bit too sugar coated, 60 Minutes version certainly left a foul taste in my mouth.

Women having babies at an older age is not about judging women, they’re just utilising the technology that is out there. What we need to have more scrutiny over are the doctors who practice IVF and set the price for the treatment.

So rather than sit in judgment of women who are making choices over their bodies, take a moment to talk about the bigger picture.

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