Remarking on the Unremarkable

QandA’s first ever female panel.

For something special and something ‘different’ ABC’s QandA last week had an all female panel (that’s all except for Tony). Its goal was to discuss the role of feminism today. While the topic is extremely relevant, considering women are always a minority on this program’s panel it was nice to be in the spotlight.

However it is hard to talk about the many facets of feminism when you are all over 40 and educated. I will note it was great to see an indigenous woman on the panel, again something the program has been lacking.

As much as I wanted to watch this episode, I could only dip in, in small amounts. As an out and proud feminist it is must see viewing but I just could not do it.

Sure Germaine is always interesting and Janet’s worth a bit of controversy. But to include a woman on the panel who does not even pay women to write for her own publication is beyond words. It slaps in the face of what feminism is all about.

As it was said many times there are many faces to feminism and hers is one of them.

Other faces are young, old, disabled, black, white, ethnic, educated, uneducated. We come in many shapes and sizes and sadly this opportunity missed the mark. Educated, middle class women of privilege are only one of those faces.

Yet often it is these women who dictate feminism and its agenda. It’s something broadcaster and writer Helen Razer decries on twitter and for that she gave the best tweet of the night.

A tweet that’ll never make it on QandA.

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