Choking on my Breakfast

Life has many mysteries and for me one of those is breakfast television. Who has time for it? Maybe I’m old school but if I need a news or entertainment fix in the morning I’ll turn on the radio.

Clearly I’m on my own, breakfast television has become a big ratings winner in recent years and people like David Koch is a household name. As the host of Sunrise he is synonymous with business advice and this week can add ‘expert on breastfeeding’ to his list of credentials.

Commenting that women should be discreet when breastfeeding in public he caught the wrath of nursing (and non-nursing) mothers across Australia. Defending himself on Twitter he said.

David Koch defends his comments.

As many commentators wrote, a comment like that is digging you in to a whole. And when your on-air defense compares breastfeeding to topless sun bathing it gets even deeper.

As Clementine Ford wrote on Daily Life what is worse than his comments are privileged white men being able to sprout such rubbish and get away with it. As she notes there are plenty of them and they are very secure in their jobs.

But what is more disturbing is they give permission to groups of ill informed men to sprout views online about breastfeeding. They agree with Kochie that women should be discreet because breastfeeding in public makes them ‘uncomfortable’.

Now women may vehemently argue this is their, and their baby’s, legal right to feed in public but really let’s call it for what it is – juvenile sexualisation of women.

For Kochie not to acknowledge that but compare breastfeeding to topless sun bathing reiterates this . If anything, this whole ridiculous discussion says more about deep-seated sexism than it does about women and their bodies.

Could it be more blatant?

What saddens me most is that women across Australia witnessed this and still tune in. They have been blinded by this lovely bloke next-door persona and can’t see how rude he has been straight to their face.

It is times like these I realise it is not the powerful men in suits who keep sexism alive in our media but the audience who tolerate it.


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  1. What can be more sane and humane than the loving flow of life between mother and child? What can be more insane than questioning the very life force that has sustained every human person upon this confounded planet? They say I live with mental illness because I question inane insecurities, amongst other irregularities ~ I choose not to watch tv because it insults my intelligence and bores me to hell! ~ I chose to breast feed my children in public, tastefully, because our precious future depends upon it. What the hell is anyone’s problem with clarity and tangible, logical, love?

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