Obsessed by Women

What is it with women?

Recently Media Watch focused on ‘mummy bloggers’ and their power to influence and take on ‘paid content’. Clearly the blogger is taking over from the journalist in the world of online editorials.

While I tend to take mummy bloggers with a pinch of salt I did find a blog this week my Mrs Woog to hit a very pertinent point. Why are we so obsessed with what women do?

As noted the current Republican presidential campaign was almost derailed by a bizarre debate about rape and a woman’s body. While I don’t want to spend this blog dissecting a debate that has gone out of control, I do want to ask what is the media’s obsession with women?

From birthing to our first female Prime Minister to violence against women. I feel like all I have read as of late are a series of articles written by men, telling women what they should think and how they should behave.

Perhaps I notice it more than other subjects because it is a discourse I take particular interest in. But when is enough enough?

I believe a fundamental change in this conversation will occur when we see a balance in the boardrooms and newsrooms of our media. Until then, there will be not only a bias in reporting, but as Tracey Spicer wrote a bias in behavior.

For now, I choose to be optimistic there will be a day where discussion will be gender neutral and we will talk about all these things as basic human rights.

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