Five Things I Don’t Get About Twitter

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As a journalist I love Twitter. It gives me leads, keeps me up to date on stories, is in real time and on a social level can be fun. While it has become a great asset for journalism, as I have said in the past it should never replace it.

Twitter is also a great tool for just people watching. And there are things people do which make me wonder ‘why?’


1. What’s with the food?

Yes we live in the age of the ‘foodie’ and when you live in a place full of the best of it how could you not be? But you know what makes food great – texture, taste and smell. Sometimes what it looks like but not always, the other stuff is far more important.

So why send share pics of your food? I can’t smell it, I can’t taste it, I can’t even quite work out what that texture is.

2. #AskTony

A good politician knows how to get the most out of twitter. Kevin Rudd and Malcom Turnbull are good examples. They don’t just share their views but engage in conversation too. Team JG sometimes struggles with that but then they don’t really go about inviting conversation either.

Tony Abbott on the other hand does and he often invites questions when he’s sitting in the departure lounge. Yet I have not seen him actually answer a question. So, why #AskTony? If you’re not going to answer any questions, don’t invite them.

3. Abusing Drivers

I’ve noticed a recent trend, people abusing other drivers on twitter. Firstly, we all know you should not tweet and drive. Secondly, what makes you think the person who just cut you off is actually following you anyway.

Chances are they’re not, so why abuse drivers on twitter?

4. Making Dates

Twitter has expanded my contacts. I have literally met people through twitter and it has been great for business. But I don’t need all my followers to know when I am catching up with just one of them.

And to be honest, I don’t care if someone I am following can be in town by 3 for a coffee with whoever they’re following. (I’m confident the rest of your followers probably think that too.) So why don’t you just DM them?

5. Trolls

Really, get a life. Enough said.


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